Coalition to Save Our Mental Health Centers

Vote YES on Tuesday, March 18th:

Release the Mental Health Funds 

Approved by Voters!

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Inaugural Commission Meeting

On March 18, 2014, voters in the North River community will head to the polls one final time in their quest to restore community mental health services to local residents in need.  

Voters may recall voting in previous elections to restore mental health services. Most recently, on November 6, 2012, a binding referendum asking approval of the same funds was posed to the voters of the North River community. The result was that 74% of voters approved a property tax increase of .004 (or $4 for every $1000 currently paid) to restore mental health services. The total amount raised by this .004 rate in our community equals exactly $601,034!

If voters have already approved this $601,034 amount, why must they approve it again?

An obscure law, called the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law (PTELL), requires voters to approve the total amount one final time before funds are released and mental health services are provided to residents who most need them.

“Our community has spoken loudly, clearly, and consistently that we want more mental health services. But we have to speak one last time so that the funds we have already approved are released to our community!” stated Independence Park resident, Sharon Nichols. 

Indeed the North River community has been remarkably consistent in its support to restore mental health services with voters approving advisory referenda in 2004 and 2008 before approving the binding referendum in 2012.

With the funds already approved and services being planned by the Governing Commission of the North River Expanded Mental Health Services Program Governing Commission (see page 2), all that remains is for voters to endorse the PTELL referendum on the March 18 ballot.

“We have stood up for mental health before and we will do it again. On March 18th let’s show them one last time by voting YES to release the mental health funds that our community has already approved!” stated local resident Diana Bryant.